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  • Site news:

  • Channel Sharing Agreements as filed with the FCC
  • "Under the hood" changes to Mexican listings.
    You may have noticed some rather long lists of "zombie" low-power stations on certain channels. (channel 5, for example) These were the result of the FCC adding some low-power records (not corresponding to any actual station I know of) using facility_id keys WAY outside the range previously used.
    These facility_ids collided with ones I'd assigned to Mexican stations. (non-U.S. stations don't have assigned facility IDs)
    This resulted in MANY Mexican stations matching certain U.S. low-power records and vice-versa.
    I fixed the issue by splitting the Mexican and U.S. data into separate tables. Mexican and U.S. listings are generated separately and then merged after the tables are output. Seems to work.
    I expect to do the same with Canadian data over the next few weeks. For better or worse there are far fewer records in Canada to deal with.
  • TV station coverage maps.
    Due to changes to Google Maps, you may have noticed the links to tower sites and coverage areas have stopped working.
    TV station coverage maps, calculated by the FCC, are now available. Click on the call letters of any U.S. station in the TV Database by state or TV Database by channel listings. A KML file will be downloaded.
    There are two things you can do with this file:
  • Open it in Google Earth.
  • Add it to a personal map in Google Maps. Click the menu (three horizontal bars), then My Maps, then Create Map, then Import, then select the file you saved.
  • Mexican TV listings have been updated. Many thanks to Raymie Humbert for his help.
    HAATs are estimated - the Mexican government releases only antenna height above ground data. Google Earth and the GLOBE database (searchable on the FCC website) make it possible to reasonably estimate HAAT from this data. Using the same methodology with U.S. stations yields results that compare well with FCC records.
    Virtual channel information is subject to change and may not be entirely accurate.
  • Why DTV needs virtual channel remapping.
  • Here is a snapshot of the analog TV dial as it existed at the end of full-power analog TV in the United States.

  • Occasional original articles:

  • Channel Sharing Agreements as filed with the FCC
  • PI Code conversion for Windows
  • "FrankenFMs" and the FCC regulations
  • "Superpower" FM
  • Audio recordings made with SDR.
  • Why DTV needs virtual channel remapping.
  • Government broadcasting information:

  • Media Bureau, FCC
  • FCC Broadcast Applications
  • FCC Broadcast Actions
  • FCC Broadcast Call Changes
  • Search FCC broadcast databases
  • Download FCC broadcast database files
  • Coverage maps of existing DTV stations (and their analog facilities)
  • As above, but only those stations with a significant change in coverage.
  • A ZIP file with all maps, but this is a 300 megabyte download!

  • Canada:
  • Canadian Radio-television and Communications Commission news.
  • Industry Canada technical database.

  • Mexico:
  • Mexican AM radio
  • Mexican FM radio
  • Mexican analog TV
  • Mexican digital TV
  • Other broadcast listings:

    DX links & organizations:

  • Worldwide TV-FM DX Association website
  • Worldwide TV-FM DX Association discussion board

  • National Radio Club (for AM)
  • International Radio Club of America (also AM)

  • American Radio Relay League (for ham radio)
  • Broadcasting history:

  • Thomas White's radio history site. Recommended!
  • Jeff Miller's radio history site. Also recommended!
  • BBC-TV, 1938 - recorded in New York via F2 skip!
  • WLW 500kw transmitter schematic
  • The rest of Jim Hawkins' excellent radio pages
  • Original 1952 TV channel allotments.
  • Translators above channel 69, all are gone now.
  • WTVT-13 Tampa history. Lots of pictures.
  • Miscellaneous articles:

  • Bill Hepburn's tropospheric propagation forecasts.
  • The rest of Bill's excellent site!
  • My blog, mostly about AM but some FM/TV items as well.
  • RBDS PI code => callsign calculator. USA only, Canadian and other non-US stations will give bad results. Some U.S. stations use the wrong codes too.
  • RBDS callsign => PI code calculator. Again, USA only.
  • DX Summit real-time ham radio propagation logging
  • Accurate carrier frequency measurements for identification of F2 DX
  • Stallions Satellite & Antenna, a site selling TV antennas. Has good technical articles.
  • "How to send ear-S", signal strength reporting by ear. Try "back to index" for some interesting homebrew electronics pages!
  • Other Stuff

  • Bike Trips
  • Ham gear for sale
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