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Database listings:

  • TV Database, by state:
  • TV Database, by channel:

  • TV Database, by state, on Google Maps:
  • TV Database, by channel, on Google Maps:

  • FM Database, by state:
  • FM Database, by frequency:

  • FM Database, by state, on Google Maps:
  • FM Database, by channel, on Google Maps:
  • Site news:

  • Why DTV needs virtual channel remapping.
  • Here is a snapshot of the analog TV dial as it existed at the end of full-power analog TV in the United States.

  • Occasional original articles:

  • "FrankenFMs" and the FCC regulations
  • "Superpower" FM
  • Audio recordings made with SDR.
  • Why DTV needs virtual channel remapping.
  • Government broadcasting information:

  • Media Bureau, FCC
  • FCC Broadcast Applications
  • FCC Broadcast Actions
  • FCC Broadcast Call Changes
  • Search FCC broadcast databases
  • Download FCC broadcast database files
  • Coverage maps of existing DTV stations (and their analog facilities)
  • As above, but only those stations with a significant change in coverage.
  • A ZIP file with all maps, but this is a 300 megabyte download!

  • Canada:
  • Canadian Radio-television and Communications Commission news.
  • Industry Canada technical database.

  • Mexico:
  • Mexican AM radio
  • Mexican FM radio
  • Mexican analog TV
  • Mexican digital TV
  • Other broadcast listings:

  • Fred Cantu's site for Mexican station information
  • DX links & organizations:

  • Worldwide TV-FM DX Association website
  • Worldwide TV-FM DX Association discussion board

  • National Radio Club (for AM)
  • International Radio Club of America (also AM)

  • American Radio Relay League (for ham radio)
  • Broadcasting history:

  • Thomas White's radio history site. Recommended!
  • Jeff Miller's radio history site. Also recommended!
  • BBC-TV, 1938 - recorded in New York via F2 skip!
  • WLW 500kw transmitter schematic
  • The rest of Jim Hawkins' excellent radio pages
  • Original 1952 TV channel allotments.
  • Translators above channel 69, all are gone now.
  • WTVT-13 Tampa history. Lots of pictures.
  • Miscellaneous articles:

  • Bill Hepburn's tropospheric propagation forecasts.
  • The rest of Bill's excellent site!
  • My blog, mostly about AM but some FM/TV items as well.
  • RBDS PI code => callsign calculator. USA only, Canadian and other non-US stations will give bad results. Some U.S. stations use the wrong codes too.
  • RBDS callsign => PI code calculator. Again, USA only.
  • DX Summit real-time ham radio propagation logging
  • Accurate carrier frequency measurements for identification of F2 DX
  • Stallions Satellite & Antenna, a site selling TV antennas. Has good technical articles.
  • "How to send ear-S", signal strength reporting by ear. Try "back to index" for some interesting homebrew electronics pages!
  • Other Stuff

  • Bike Trips
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